Google my Goddess!

During one of my Saturday evening coffee breaks at CCD, Vivek showed me the way towards the Church of Google – I was mesmerized as I read through it. I use Google day and night like crazy but never thought how addicted and dependent we have become. Googlism is the religion most of us have unknowingly adapted and are now addicted to it. Do we need a proof to agree on this? Obviously No!

Google is our Internet God. I’m unable to recall life before google existed. Search engines like AltaVista, AOL, Lycos, and others existed but I was not loyal to any till the time google came 🙂

  • Google answers all our prayers
  • Google is our Omniscient God – Knows almost everything and its existence can be scientifically proved. The immense universal knowledge provided by Google is available to all of us and that too in an organized manner
  • Gives Unconditionally – Google gives its user unconditionally, irrespective of caste, religion, age it shows the results
  • Google being Immortal, Being Infinite, Can challenge your Gray cells

Path to the Google Church is not far away –

I love the way multiple proofs have been provided and the best part is the prayer section.

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