3G in India – It’s a new world!

Nowadays technology is entering into all parts of our lifestyle. It’s no more just about checking emails and chatting with friends. Internet technology has now moved on to a new level where you think about an idea and bingo! its already available in market or is in the incubation stage. The technology now allows us to compile multiple gadgets and provide some unbelievable results. You simply need to snap your fingers in right way to experience the magic.

This sometimes amazes me how naturally we adapt to this magnificent world, do we realize what all must have gone behind making it the way it is?

Just sending a tweet from my mobile irrespective to what part of the globe I am on or what time it is, pressing few numbers on the laptop keyboard and hey I’m connected on skype for a call, I can even do free internet calling from my mobile to my parents mobile who are staying few miles away from my home. Isn’t all this awesome, I no more need to worry about mobile bills 🙂 But was it so easy to have free internet calling? Well no! Vivek had spent whole bunch of sleepless nights for months to make it work.

And as this project was about to wrap up here came 3G jumping and kicking around. Fascinating us into the world of mobile video calls. In India its mtnl that has been officially permitted to launch 3G facility for now.

To the ones who are wondering what I’m talking about, check the video on http://qik.com/. Though Qik.com is not all about 3G but it gives you a fair idea about the luxuries one can enjoy with 3G. Simply watch the video on the homepage for a quick grasp. Very Impressive!

Don’t just send the pictures. Share the experience.

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