Game of 3Ps: Points to Pixels OR Pixels to Points in Photoshop

At times I see designers struggling on “how to do” though they know “what to do”. Being a designer myself this minute of struggle not only sucks but leads into ineffective designing. My whole creativity goes for toss since I’m busy searching for the right tool with the ticking time lines.

I am sure there are many among us who are absolutely creative, and are full of ideas. However, the creativity falls short if it is not expressed the way its envisioned. And here’s where the tools that we use and our knowledge about them holds prime importance. It’s the tools that help bring our creativity to life. This very thought gave me a new direction to add in my blog – Quick Tips Category

Following is a quick tip of using the tools more efficiently.
Changing fonts/measurements from points to pixels (or) reverse in Photoshop

Change from Pixel to Point in PhotoshopThere are 2 ways of changing the Units:

Method A –

Open an image, Right Click on the Ruler to change units. If ruler is not visible press Ctrl+R

Method B –

Open an image, Double click on the Ruler, which will open ‘Preference’ pop-up. Alternatively you can go to Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers

This not only changes the ruler for your file but also the font sizes too. These methods set your preference for all future files and you don’t need to change the units with every file.

Change Point to Pixel in Photoshop

Just a simple selection and designer’s life is easy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Game of 3Ps: Points to Pixels OR Pixels to Points in Photoshop

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