Our World of Colors

“..Picture the world, Without any color
You couldn’t tell, One face from the other…”

Color me blind by Extreme

The way design community is growing now days it’s not surprising as the web & mobile world now understands the importance of designers. It’s no more just about adding colors but a lot more goes into applying right color combination at the right place. Bunch of tools are available on the web to help designers do their tasks more efficiently. I have selected 3 best sites to avoid any cross-weaving of thoughts, which I feel are helpful in creating a wide range of color palettes apart from our dear old favorite ones (I believe each designer has at least one special magical color palette of their own, which saves us during a rainy day)

A must for beginners – ColorBlender

Simple easy to use color blender scale. Allows to quickly Create, Save and Load color palette for Photoshop (in .ACT format) and Illustrator (.EPS)

A must for passionate designers – Color Scheme Designer

The best feature I found in this, it allows you to see a sample template in lighter and darker tones of the selected palette. I wish I knew about this site during the days I had struggled to get that perfect color shade. For detail oriented designers, this site provides various options to choose, starting from complementary to analogical colors, adjustment of contrast & shadows, saturation & brightness and a lot more. For those who love to experiment and play with colors, this is what you want.

Heaven for color lovers – COLOURlovers

A dream come true for designers who are interested to share not only colors but hop on to the next stage of shapes and forms. A global design community where one can discuss any color under the sun, share palettes, patterns and discuss design trends. Highly recommended for designers who believe in community work.

I would be happy to review and include any good color tool, which can help our design community. Keep the suggestions pouring as always 🙂

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