Google pays tribute to Martha Graham

Google Doodle for Martha Graham (American dancer and choreographer) left me awestruck by the animation of Martha dancing and the impressions by her movement form into word – Google. The smoothness of figure with drapes flowing so seamlessly kept me pressing F5 again and again to digest the flawless work. Especially when the character forms double ‘o’ by flying into the air and the closure with a  powerful leap.

Initially it seemed like a flash work till I realized it was animation using JavaScript with CSS sprites. By simply looking at the storyboard of this sprite the effort of the designer is clearly reflected.

Ryan Woodward has done an amazing job here in providing tribute to one of the greatest contemporary American dancer. His patent style of animating the human figures performing contemporary dance (conte animated) leaves viewer in mesmerized state.

Google Doodles are going some fantastic experiments for past few weeks – like the video on

122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin

and the 50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space

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