Facebook in an Alternate Universe, Optimized for Touch

There had been moments that I felt Facebook web interface on the iPad didn’t really feel good to use. There was of course a Facebook “App”, but that wasn’t as flexible as the web version.

One weekend, I took on the task to see how I would have done Facebook. Started playing around with few ideas from paper scribbles, to whiteboard and finally jumped to actual design tools :- )


During this process there were multiple ideas dropping from all sides of brain cells, seemed like a BIG fight between them, which resulted in detailing out the two of the thoughts. First being – Continue reading

Toolkit for Innovative Designers – Part I

I have seen at times, we as designers spend most of our time trying to get the ‘just right‘ device shape for mobiles and tablets, getting the perfect glare angle and how the external product looks, since presentation does make a difference!

But are you spending more time on it than required?  Won’t it be an enormous step forward for all the designers to centralize their thoughts for some innovative thinking, rather than getting the device shape right, especially during the initial phase.

In this post I have tried to consolidate some of the templates available across the globe.


Santa Claus bag of goodies for designers

Have always been a great follower of Teehanlax guys

Library for user experience, designers and developers supported with Stencil Kit.


A gift must to have  http://www.uistencils.com the collection spreads across iPhone, Android, Windows and many more. See a sample here http://www.uistencils.com/collections/frontpage/products/iphone-sketch-pad 😀

This will tremendously help to design a great idea and a product. Elevate yourself towards an innovate designer and not just a visual designer!

War between YouTube and Vimeo?

vimeo_war_youtubeCopyright gettyimages.com

According to Nielsen analysis of consumer behavior suggests 70% of worldwide internet users watch videos online. And I agreed with them as I also most of the time while searching for a product demo, song, tutorial video, national/international advertisements just move towards youtube.com and when I’m looking for talks related to specific topics Vimeo is the way to go.

Younger the faster or Older the wiser?

Though Youtube is a year younger than Vimeo and surprisingly Youtube spread its wings more faster into this space. YT was the product created by 3 ex-employees of Paypal, who later sold it to Google. Now its one of the popular online video site. Youtube moved towards social networking mode allowing users Continue reading

Ready to use templates for iPhone, iPad and Android

As in my earlier posts, I have mentioned how important it is to have the right data at the right time. Moving further with the same thought and to make sure the designers creativity doesn’t come to a halt, I had started the ‘Quick Tips’ category. Through this post I researched and created a repository for UX and Graphic designers, a compilation of Wire-frame stencils and Photoshop source files for base devices.



iGoogle – Set the mood for the day in your browser

iGoogle – You can have your very own browser and Google provides lots of gadgets for the user to play with but what really took my attention today were the ‘artist themes. Right now I have kept different themes for IE and Firefox browser in my machine and enjoy the liberty to change it with my changing mood 🙂 Isn’t that great!

Seeing the character relaxing on the sand reminded me of Fido Dido – the famous ad cartoon character of late 1980s seems to have gained weight with time:-DI kept this theme on the browser for few hours and it made my Friday into a ‘Lazy Sunday noon’ and to my surprise with the falling daylight the theme also changed from noon to nightMyriad of themes are divided into categories like games, fun, technology and so on. Check out some samples: Continue reading

When they made Sofas!

At times I wonder – The companies that provide best of the service solutions are somehow not able to implement those solutions within their organization itself. One of such examples is ‘madebysofa.com

They produced apps like Versions the ‘Subversion Client for Mac’ and Disco the ‘Powerful Disc Burning for Anyone’ as the company states. Honestly, I am impressed with the design of both these websites.

Another product of this company is Checkout – which won Apple Design Award runner up, in category of ‘Best Mac OS X Leopard User Experience’ for the year 2008.

I think a few small considerations can add value to user experience in ‘madebysofa.comContinue reading