Delhi Street Art

Yes! Street Art happens in Delhi too

This was unbelievable for me till I had encountered the event. Like any other weekend, in September 2013, we had just finished our run in Lodhi Gardens. While cooling down we saw few people painting the trash cans. Taken by surprise we went ahead and checked with the organizers. With a simple registration process, anyone could volunteer and make the boring trash cans into a piece of art. In no time we were painting the sky blue, literally.

From juggling with paper scribbles, paint tubes, brushes, to what colors to apply and how much, we ended up creating our masterpiece of the day 🙂


First piece of art


The thrill of enjoying the splashes of colors, brush strokes in close contact with the nature was a dream come true. In fact it gave me such a high, I could sense what someone may feel after marijuana, an addiction which pushed me to do it again.

And then Delhi Street Art organized another event in November of same year, and I was all for it without a second thought, and reached 1 hour 15 mins before time 😀

And here’s the result of 7 hours of high with mushrooms, minion and merry!

1Second piece of art


Doing our bit for social awareness. Concept behind this Social Initiative – To pull people’s attention that ‘hey there is a bin’ instead of them disposing stuff around!

Indian Express

Event was organized by Delhi Street Art in collaboration with NDMC. 

Special Thanks to : Yogesh Saini & team at Delhi Street Art AND O.P. Mishra from NDMC