Match the colors of Mac Photoshop with Windows

In most of the design communities that I subscribe to, I find designers facing difficulty related to colors displayed on a Windows machine for the creatives designed on a MacBook. Though the software used to access the design is same (Adobe Photoshop) but the moment file is accessed on Windows Photoshop, the result is devastating. Colors look washed out and whole creativity seems dead.

We all know that Mac OSX have an excellent reproduction of colors and high quality display. Henceforth we might not be able to meet the colors display 100% but at least 85% can be captured in Windows Photoshop

This was a problem I had also faced and below is what I found as a resolution:-) Continue reading

Designers – Raise the angle of vision, by Philippe Starck

In one of our office weekly sessions, we saw a talk of Philippe Starck and his deep thinking on design.

Philippe spends around 17mins to simply talk about ‘Why Design’ and with his witty enacting, he relates the vision of a designer to our daily activities. Philippe talks about Angular visions and the rise in an angle of vision can make a designer important for society and civilization.

In short don’t just think or see what is around you, being a designer we need to see far and high, need to increase our vision, increase the angle of our vision, have to see what others can’t foresee – That’s the caliber of a designer mindset.

This video is available at

Design and Destiny

Philippe Starck – TED Talk Video