The World of Mascots, Revisited (Part II)

The Website Mascots (Part I)

There was a time when almost every household product globally was associated with a mascot but over the years either some of the brands have dropped their mascots or rarely use them as a part of marketing documents (Note: only marketing documents, not products)

Since childhood I have been seeing them around and thought people could easily relate to the word mascot (the face that speaks a thousand words). But my earlier blog was an eye opener where I realized very few people today understand or relate to mascots. Maybe the difference is in observation a person builds since childhood.

Over the years, I saw the mascots fading and then came the trend when everyone starting creating a mascot for their brand. Immediately looking at them, it just clicked to me how mascots have moved to web in this web2.0 era. My earlier post was targeted at Website Mascots, so here’s the flashback of some mascots which existed during our growing years. Going back to the memory lane might be interesting for some of us, and make us more observant in today’s life.

Telecom Brand Mascot which was allowed to be a part of lifestyle products. Till now Mascots have been strongly visible on merchandising items only. Vodafone is the only brand which allowed its mascot ‘ZooZoo’ on products to a lifestyle brand. Continue reading

iGoogle – Set the mood for the day in your browser

iGoogle – You can have your very own browser and Google provides lots of gadgets for the user to play with but what really took my attention today were the ‘artist themes. Right now I have kept different themes for IE and Firefox browser in my machine and enjoy the liberty to change it with my changing mood 🙂 Isn’t that great!

Seeing the character relaxing on the sand reminded me of Fido Dido – the famous ad cartoon character of late 1980s seems to have gained weight with time:-DI kept this theme on the browser for few hours and it made my Friday into a ‘Lazy Sunday noon’ and to my surprise with the falling daylight the theme also changed from noon to nightMyriad of themes are divided into categories like games, fun, technology and so on. Check out some samples: Continue reading