Women Economic Forum: Paving the way for a stronger tomorrow

Few years back when I started contributing back to the community, I would always see just a single female name in the list of speakers. Over the years I saw a couple more with whom I could share the stage with pride.

Though I would admit, I did feel a sense of achievement especially during this age of #genderequality

This month I felt elevated, being part of the Women Economic Forum’s annual meet in New Delhi.

It was fascinating to be at an event which wasn’t limited to just having my co-speakers as women from all walks of life worldwide, but also the delegates, hosts, organisers joining hands together and making each other more stronger and powerful together.

WEF has the motto of enabling women leaders to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while also being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities.

It is an exceptional multi-national forum lead by Dr. Harbeen Arora, with 100,000 members and inspiring women across 150 countries.

The overall theme of the event was “Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity With Gender Equality

I was invited to speak about Productivity vs Creativity – Blending Both.

As productivity is measurable while creativity isn’t yet both are two sides of the same coin. A lot of us struggle with creativity and productivity and sometimes take too much stress on ourselves. Still, we can’t just sit there and wait until the mood strikes. So if you want to learn the techniques to improve your creativity and productivity just message me.

My special thanks to the beautiful ladies who were the force behind the seamless organization of a 6 days long mega event.

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