Facebook in an Alternate Universe, Optimized for Touch

There had been moments that I felt Facebook web interface on the iPad didn’t really feel good to use. There was of course a Facebook “App”, but that wasn’t as flexible as the web version.

One weekend, I took on the task to see how I would have done Facebook. Started playing around with few ideas from paper scribbles, to whiteboard and finally jumped to actual design tools :- )


During this process there were multiple ideas dropping from all sides of brain cells, seemed like a BIG fight between them, which resulted in detailing out the two of the thoughts. First being – Continue reading


F3 – Food for Fingers

At times too much of technology gets on your nerves! I realized this when one of the evenings I spent less than an hour with clay. And instantly was transported to a place which had been a memory till now.

All the designers out there, leave the mouse and touchpad behind for a while, go ahead and exercise all your fingers!


Delhi Street Art

Yes! Street Art happens in Delhi too

This was unbelievable for me till I had encountered the event. Like any other weekend, in September 2013, we had just finished our run in Lodhi Gardens. While cooling down we saw few people painting the trash cans. Taken by surprise we went ahead and checked with the organizers. With a simple registration process, anyone could volunteer and make the boring trash cans into a piece of art. In no time we were painting the sky blue, literally.

From juggling with paper scribbles, paint tubes, brushes, to what colors to apply and how much, we ended up creating our masterpiece of the day 🙂


First piece of art


The thrill of enjoying the splashes of colors, brush strokes in close contact with the nature was a dream come true. In fact it gave me such a high, I could sense what someone may feel after marijuana, an addiction which pushed me to do it again.

And then Delhi Street Art organized another event in November of same year, and I was all for it without a second thought, and reached 1 hour 15 mins before time 😀

And here’s the result of 7 hours of high with mushrooms, minion and merry!

1Second piece of art


Doing our bit for social awareness. Concept behind this Social Initiative – To pull people’s attention that ‘hey there is a bin’ instead of them disposing stuff around!

Indian Express

Event was organized by Delhi Street Art in collaboration with NDMC. 

Special Thanks to : Yogesh Saini & team at Delhi Street Art AND O.P. Mishra from NDMC

Toolkit for Innovative Designers – Part I

I have seen at times, we as designers spend most of our time trying to get the ‘just right‘ device shape for mobiles and tablets, getting the perfect glare angle and how the external product looks, since presentation does make a difference!

But are you spending more time on it than required?  Won’t it be an enormous step forward for all the designers to centralize their thoughts for some innovative thinking, rather than getting the device shape right, especially during the initial phase.

In this post I have tried to consolidate some of the templates available across the globe.


Santa Claus bag of goodies for designers

Have always been a great follower of Teehanlax guys

Library for user experience, designers and developers supported with Stencil Kit.


A gift must to have  http://www.uistencils.com the collection spreads across iPhone, Android, Windows and many more. See a sample here http://www.uistencils.com/collections/frontpage/products/iphone-sketch-pad 😀

This will tremendously help to design a great idea and a product. Elevate yourself towards an innovate designer and not just a visual designer!

HTML Best Pratices and Tips

Stumbled across 30 HTML Best Practices post by Jeffrey Way (editor with Nettuts) and found it worth sharing.
Though the article title suggests it’s for beginners but I would say its useful for experts too. You may find lot of such articles via google search but I like the way Jeffrey has written.

I had created 3R theory for myself sometime back, you can try and see if it adds value for you.

  • Read
  • Remember
  • Render in your style (not replicate)

happy working!

CSS3 Possibilities (Part – 1)

Create shadow effects with CSS

Gives flexibility to designers to play freely with the shadow effects. So next you want to play with your creativity, don’t hesitate with the shear thought of execution or UI developer standing with a ‘Not Possible’ board. Simply direct him to this link 🙂

Create progressive background image with CSS

Best feature – Scales images proportionality, without Continue reading

Google pays tribute to Martha Graham

Google Doodle for Martha Graham (American dancer and choreographer) left me awestruck by the animation of Martha dancing and the impressions by her movement form into word – Google. The smoothness of figure with drapes flowing so seamlessly kept me pressing F5 again and again to digest the flawless work. Especially when the character forms double ‘o’ by flying into the air and the closure with a  powerful leap.

Initially it seemed like a flash work till I realized it was animation using JavaScript with CSS sprites. By simply looking at the storyboard of this sprite the effort of the designer is clearly reflected.

Ryan Woodward has done an amazing job here in providing Continue reading